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Delaware Certificate

Incorporated under the Laws of Delaware, United States of America
Approval to Quality Control for distance education
Delaware Division of Corporations file # 45043-45
the purpose of this organization is to provide General
Education services & Quality Control of distance education

Doctor of Excellence

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About Us:

World Association for Distance Education (WADE) is an internationally recognized, independent and private for quality control of distance education. The WADE takes active participation in establishing standards for online and distance learning institutions guaranteeing a series of quality education in the global market.

We are primarily involved into making efforts for envisaging eminent education which would help in building successful careers all over the world.
We provide authentic accreditation for working adults, both traditional and online, as well as professional and vocational institutes and secondary schools.
The World Association for Distance Education helps in bestowing quality accreditation by rigorously evaluating all applicant institutions, their individual schools and programs through the unique patented evaluation process of WADE.
We meticulously strive to build our evaluation process with the best global practices performed in the world.
Each educational institution has to pass through the quality checking process to ensure that they are the best of the education providers.

They should take better steps in managing their education institution, the processes they follow, and the methods they implement. Each step will be assessed and will have to meet the standards of WADE.
These thorough benchmarks would ensure that education providers all over the world in the global market would meet the quality standards and create an aura of eminent education.

Mission & Purposes:


WADE creates a vision of creating and emphasizing quality education which is known, dependable and an easy-access to learners in the global market. It takes credit in accrediting those educational institutions who follow best practices and are educationally profound.

The Purposes:

  • Quality Control of Distance         Education
  • Education Services

      Quality Accreditation aims:

  • Evaluation of the credibility of the educational institution
  • Imparting quality and standards of online and distance learning education
  • Developing the field of online educational programs for students world-wide
  • Emphasizing student-centric educational standards gearing them for joining the institution
  • Providing an opportunity for all education providers to self-evaluate and self-improve themselves